Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2 Arabic by Autoram

Brand: Amstrad Consumer Plc. / Autoram Computer
Model: ZX Spectrum +2
Country of origin: Saudi Arabia
Made in: Taiwan
First year of production: 1986

This Saudi Arabic Spectrum ROM, named ARAB RAM is not an officially commissioned ROM. It was made by Ramez Halaby & Co. of Jeddah, operating under the name of Autoram Computer, which was known for add-ons to convert ZX81’s and Spectrums into Arabic language machines. An example can be seen here.

The Arabic copyright reads:

عرب🌴 رام


© اوتورام كمبيوتر


Arab 🌴 Ram


© Autoram Computer

Thank you Mohammed Habib for your 10 years of research on this subject.