Bang & Olfsen Beocomp ZX 81 Sinclair

Brand: Bang & Olufsen
Model: Beocomp ZX 81 Sinclair
Country of origin: The Netherlands
Made in: Scotland (Dundee)
First year of production: 1981

Price: ƒ 595,- / 16K Rampack: ƒ 295,-

In 1981, the Dutch import company for Bang & Olufsen celebrated their 20th anniversary and also started importing ZX81 computers. The newspaper advertisement reads:

PERSONAL COMPUTER Beocomp ZX-81 Sinclair

An extra extension of your TV as an anniversary offer.

We have thought long and hard about what we could do to give our existing and future B&O customers the most pleasure in this anniversary year. In order to offer you something really special, we ended up with a product that is not made by B&O, but which gives your B&O TV (or any other device) an important extra dimension. We offer you one of the best and most versatile computers at a price that puts this fascinating instrument within everyone’s reach.

After this the computer import department spun off to form Compac and started importing Sinclair and Acorn machines.

Museum of Western art Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam has a Beocomp ZX81 in their collection since 1985.