Sinclair ZX Spectrum Next Issue 2B

Brand: SpecNext Ltd.
Model: ZX Spectrum Next
Made in: United Kingdom 
First year of production: 2020
Price: £99 (Board only); £175 (standard); £215 (RTC, Wi-Fi); £230 (RTC, Wi-Fi, Raspberry Pi Zero); £210 + VAT (SpecNext webshop)

Issue 2B, also known as the “KS1” as it was the first KickStarter campaign.
The Kickstarter campaign started in April 2017. Production of the first motherboard (Issue 2A) started in November of the same year. Case moulds were produced in April 2018, final motherboards (Issue 2B) in August. Keyboards were finalized in November 2019, delayed due to problems with shifted keys (e.g. Shift+2 for Caps Lock). The computer finally started to get shipped in Februari 2020.