Microdigital TK 95

Brand: Microdigital Eletrônica Ltda Model: TK 95 Country of origin: Uruguay (PAL-N, Spanish ROM) Made in: Brazil First year of production: 1986 PortugueseSpanish

The TK95 ROM was based on the improved version of the TK90X rom. Just the boot screen message was changed from “TK9oX – Color Computer” to “TK Color Computer”.

The only difference between the 2 language ROMs is byte 1211 which indicates the language (201 for Portuguese; Ø for Spanish) as both languages appear within the ROM. (This is best demonstrated in an emulator with a non-write-protected ROM area, where you can POKE the byte and see the result immediately.)

All TK95’s have a MC16845 ULA; unlike the TK90X there was no version of the motherboard with the Ferranti ULA as these were no longer available or in stock.

The TK95 has a built-in joystick port, compatible with joystick 1 of ZX Interface 2 (67890).

The case bears a striking resemblance to the Commodore plus/4. Microdigital was not only known for copying computer hardware and software but also computer designs: the TK2000 very much resembled an Atari 800XL.

Microdigital’s software department was called “Microsoft” and had a logo very similar to that of the North American Microsoft of that time!