Seikosha GP-50S

Brand: Seikosha Co., Ltd
Model: GP-50S
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Made in: Japan
First year of production: 1984

Price: ƒ 299,- (NL 1986)

The GP-50s is a plain paper, dot matrix printer capable of producing up to 40 characters per second, across a maximum of 46 columns. Tractor-fed paper may also be used if preferred.

The maximum paper width that can be used is 5″, and the printer came fitted with a ZX Spectrum compatible cable/interface. Being a dot matrix design, it was significantly more noisy in use than the thermal alternatives, but the attached ‘flip-over’ paper cover helped reduce this somewhat during use. A manual paper-feed allows paper to be finely aligned, and the printer is a distinctive grey/white colour.

The GP-50s originally cost £69.95 (ex. VAT)