Timex Sinclair 2020 + AC Adapter

Brand: Timex Computer Corporation
Model: 2040
Country of origin: United States
Made in: Taiwan
First year of production: 1983
Price: $49.95 (AC Adapter: $7.95)

The original ZX Printer was not imported to the US directly, rather Timex distributed a branded version of the Alphacom 32. The TS2040 can be used with any of the Timex or Sinclair systems. The technical specifications of the TS2040 are:

  • Paper Type: Thermal paper, black or blue print, end-of-roll indicator.
  • Roll Size: 4.33in (110mm) Wide x 1.9in (48mm) Diameter x up to 25m (82 feet) Length. 
  • Power Supply: DVE part no. DV-2412a
    • Input: 120V AC, 60Hz, 35W
    • Output: 24V AC, 1.2A

A self-test mode is built-in to aid troubleshooting. This mode is accessed by pressing the [OFF] button once while holding down the [ON/ADVANCE]. The TS2040 will repeatedly print a line of 8’s and a line of 1’s.

The TS2040 was originally introduced at a cost of $99.95.