Sinclair ZX Spectrum+ Arabic

Brand: Sinclair Research Ltd. Matisco Trading & Inv. Co.
Model: ZX Spectrum+
Country of origin: Egypt
Made in: United Kingdom
First year of production: 1984 (Arabic ROM 1987)
Rom: available here

This is an official ZX Spectrum licensed by Amstrad.
The machine was developed by Matisco Trading & Inv. Co. (شركة ماتيسكو للتجارة والاستثمار) of Cairo, also known as Sinclair Egypt  (سنكلير مصر).
The ROM was developed by Dr. Nabil Nazmi of the University of Cairo.

The Arabic copyright reads:

© ١٩٨۷ سنكلير مصر
تقديم: شركة ماتسكو
وكلاء سنكلير وأمستراد مصر
اعداد: د. نبيل نظمي


© 1987 Sinclair Egypt
Presented by: Matsco Corporation
Dealer of Sinclair and Amstrad in Egypt
Prepared by: Dr. Nabil Nazmi

Thank you Mohammed Habib for your 10 years of research on this subject.