Grundy NewBrain

Brand: Grundy Business Systems Ltd
Model: NewBrain AD
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Launch date: 1982
Price: £229
Total production run: approx. 50,000

Clive Sinclair had envisioned a computer in every household. When the NewBrain project at Sinclair Radionics began in 1978, it became obvious to Sinclair that the NewBrain could not be made for less than £100 and thus his thoughts turned to the ZX80 which was being developed by Sinclair’s other company, Science of Cambridge (later renamed to Sinclair Research Ltd.).

Sinclair Radionics’ calculators were profitable, but when the Japanese started to produce cheap calculators and the Microvision TV and Black Watch failed, the National Enterprise Board (NEB) took a 43% stake in Sinclair Radionics in 1976 and increased this to 73% the year after. The NEB moved the NewBrain project to also NEB-owned Newbury Labs and in the following year sold the NewBrain project to Grundy Business Systems Ltd.

The design was then sold to Dutch firm Tradecom International B.V. to fill a contract for computers in training centres.